Wednesday, July 27, 2016

DT Project: Tonya Trantham - Junk Journal


Hi everyone! This is Tonya here to share a video and a few photos of a junk journal I created.This journal is a mix of printables from Tsunami Rose Designs, scrapbook paper, embellishments, coffee dyed paper, trim and lace with the cover being created from a 9"x12" clasp envelope. The spine is 11/4" wide and covered with lace and the front and back covers are 5 1/2" wide. It has two signatures with 7 papers per signature. There are lots of tags and pullouts are through out the journal.
If you have any questions about this project please let me know.
Thanks for stopping by!

Visit Tonya at her blog Creative Addiction to Paper and on her YOUTUBE Channel


Tuesday, July 26, 2016

DT Project: Laurie Fusco- Altered Tags using the Life Abloom Printable Journal Kit

DT Laurie is here with us today...

Here with a set of Altered Tags for Tsunami Rose Designs. These are a set of 3 fold out tags. I used Life Abloom and alot of Tsunami rose ephemera. This collection goes so well with others. There is alot of fussy cutting, pockets , envelopes and bling. The softness of the colors, pinks, oranges, yellows compliments the blues and greens. These designs are so crisp, but soft and a real pleasure to work with.

Check out DT Laura's Youtube Channel
Girl on the Ridge for more great projects!!

Life Abloom-  Printable Journal Kit- INSTANT DOWNLOAD

Friday, July 22, 2016

DT Project: Patricia Mitchelson - Altered Tags using the Polished Lackluster Printable Journal

DT Patricia Mitchelson is here with us today...

3 tags I made using the Polished Lackluster Printable Journal ... I love the flowers in this Tsunami Rose Designs Printable Journal. I fussy cut some of the flowers to pop up with pop dots and added other embellishments. This is such a pretty collection of papers.

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Polished Lackluster Printable Journal Kit- INSTANT DOWNLOAD

ADD On Polished Lack Luster Full Size Pages Part 1- INSTANT DOWNLOAD

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

DT Project: Jenny Heft - Gift Bag Book using the Parisian Daydream Printable Journal

DT Jenny Heft is with us again this week with another fabulous project... 

My second project is a gift bag book.. constructed with three gift bags with the handles removed.

Each bag has a flap as well as a top loading pocket and bottom pocket for ephemera etc. I used the Parisian Daydream Printable Journal and a mix of ephemera kits. 

A hinge system for binding and seam binding bows tie it 
together. I hope you like it!!! 


Visit Jenny at her blog Junk Journal Jenny and also at her Youtube Channel for more inspiration!!!

Parisian Daydream-  Printable Journal Kit- INSTANT DOWNLOAD

Monday, July 18, 2016

DT Project: Jenny Heft - Journal using the Charming Fragments Printable Journal

New Design Team member Jenny heft joins us from Ohio!!!

This is my first of two July Projects for Tsunami Rose Designs, and I choose to use Charming Fragments and Rose Azure along with some ephemera from various sets. My Junk Journal has a magnetic envelope cover. I used many papers from Daisy's beautiful kits mixed with vintage music paper, coffee dyed paper, kool aid dyed papers, parchment papers and more! I printed some ephemeral pieces on acetate just for a fun change. I utilized every bit of my kits by creating handmade embellishments with any scraps which You can see close up in the photos below. I also used wink of Stella to accent the images on the cover and throughout.

I really enjoyed working with these beautiful kits, Rose Azure was the first to catch my eye with the lovely colors and images. Charming Fragments colors and imagery are stunning as well making both of these kits fast favorites! The cover of my Journal is a 6x9 clasp envelope with my signature bound in with the pamphlet stitch and hidden beneath the papers mog podged to the cover. I utilized each piece making handmade embellishments to accent my pages as well as using an array of coffee dyed, tea dyed, Koop aid dyed papers and vintage music as well as parchment, tracing and acetate.

Visit Jenny at her blog Junk Journal Jenny and also at her Youtube Channel for more inspiration!!!

Rose Azure Printable Journal Kit- (20pg) INSTANT DOWNLOAD

Charming Fragments- Printable Journal Kit